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About Fitness Function


Our Directors Julie and Mark have been friends for nearly 15 years, having met when Julie trained Mark in the early days. They formed the Fitness Function Ltd in September 2013, with the sole aim of setting up a professional, focussed and flexible studio for Pilates based training; both personally and in small classes.


Convinced that they could do this specialist training better than most gyms and with the creativity flowing, it wasn’t long before they were knee deep in planning, branding and figures. The first thing they agreed on was the location, but the need for TOTAL GYM machines to run the GRAVITY Programmes and a bold colour scheme weren’t far behind! We never would have believed the number of coats of paint or the tons of flooring and equipment that would follow ...


We then set about recruiting our team; using Julie’s network and talking to people with a similar desire to offer something slightly different. A desire to do things to the highest standards, offering a broad mix of classes, at the right times, to suit the right audience.


The pricing model is deliberately different too, as we know that most gyms rely on much of their clientele underutilising their membership (in fact, basing their business models on it); so we looked at variety of models, but first off we wanted to offer “ad hoc” classes (despite the logistical challenges). Therefore you can simply book onto the classes you want, when you want and not worry about trying to juggle a hectic schedule. We think you’ll find that this more ethical stance pervades everything the Fitness Function does.


Lastly, Julie is not known as the “Queen of Mean” for nothing. After a career of (ahem) 20 years in the fitness industry, she is relentless in her pursuit of perfection when it comes to your training and she will make sure that you get what you pay for! Highly sought after to “train the trainers”, she’s been all over the world, but luckily for us she’s now just focussed on the UK and the Fitness Function.


We sincerely hope you enjoy our hard work!


The Fitness Function team.