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Trigger Point Pilates

This class is taught by:

Julie Burfoot-Brown

The Fitness Function Ltd is the brainchild of Julie Burfoot-Brown who is a leading expert within the Fitness Industry, with over twenty years’ experience and knowledge. Julie has been involved with Education of Fitness Instructors for ten years and has successfully run her own Personal Training business in the Penn and Tylers Green area for the last decade.

Since the GRAVITY phenomenon came over from the U.S. seven years ago, Julie has been part of the GRAVITY UK Master Training Team. She frequently presents for GRAVITY UK and Physical Company for BOSU and Pilates. You will see her teaching regularly in both of The Fitness Function studios.

This new business will develop Julie’s vision of a locally-based, standalone training facility which bridges the gap between what she considers the expensive Personal Training sessions and the mainstream impersonal and ineffective gyms. The vision is to provide affordable small group training which effectively meets the fitness needs of the clients, whilst giving a high level of customer service and care.

A class created for Fascia fitness for the body. Combining Pilates core moves and applying Myofascia principles to help alleviate chronic pain conditions and restructure the body. Enhancing movement, undoing the muscular restrictions, enabling the body to feel free to cope with the functional world. This class is suitable for every level of fitness and activity level.

Upcoming classes:

  • Thu 25 Oct 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm with Julie Burfoot-Brown