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Lucy Rogers

Lucy’s passion is helping people achieve healthier lifestyles and she aims to share her love of exercise far and wide! She believes workouts should be fun and achievable, while delivering results no matter what your level of fitness. Lucy has a broad range of expertise that she brings to her classes.

• BSc in Exercise and Sports Science
• Gravity Foundation
• Group Exercise
• Freestyle Fitness Yoga
• UK athletics and Run England running coach
• Children’s fitness
• Personal Training

• Strength and resistance training
• Core conditioning
• Posture
• Flexibility
• Rehabilitation (currently undertaking an MSc in Physiotherapy at Oxford)

Favourite exercise: I love all forms of exercise, but especially enjoy cross country and road running.

Favourite place: Sydney – I’ve recently returned from teaching out there and absolutely loved it!

What I love about working in the fitness industry: Seeing people find a love for exercise and make incremental changes to their wellbeing.


Lucy Rogers instructs the following:
  • GRAVITYPersonal Training
  • Provides efficient, effective semi-private Personal Training, using one type of equipment or in conjunction with other sound training methods.  This programme incorporates a complete series of resistance training exercises on the Total Gym, using incline body weight training for stability, endurance and strength.  Other equipment used may include a Bosu, Freeform board, med ball or weights.

  • Bike Fit - Club Classics
  • This nightclub inspired class will have all those favourite club anthem's to cycle along to! Designed to make you burn calories and enjoy the ride to all those nightclub favourites.

  • Kettle Bell Training
  • Kettlebells are one of the most versatitle and mutlifunctional tools available.  They have been around for centuries and originated in Russia. Their use can provide fast results including fat loss, improves muscular strength and endurance, increased metabolic rate, increased lean muscle mass.

  • GRAVITY H.I.I.T. 2
  • This is a fun, fast paced, high energy session which has quick changeovers from exercise to exercise, keeping the heart rate up to maximise time efficiency.  If you like to sweat then this is a class for you!

  • GRAVITYGroup - Countdown
  • A 45 minute workout to get you in shape quickly for holidays and special occasions, or to add a power boost to an existing workout structure. It's an intense, fun and motivating session that works! Speedy transitions from one exercise to the next keep the heart rate and intensity levels elevated to ensure maximum calorie expenditure.

  • Gravity PT & Bosu
  • A fast-paced workout combining two excellent pieces of equipment in one session; the Total Gym and Bosu. This is a time-efficient, high energy session to burn calories and sculpt the body!

  • Function Gravity Circuit
  • This 45 minute total body workout is a circuit style class on the Total Gym. It is high energy, calorie burning class that is fun, fast and furious. If you want to burn calories this the class for you!