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Tips for staying fit this festive season


How to keep motivated and get results!



It’s easy to abandon all fitness regimes over the festive period, given the long to-do lists, social events, cold and dark days and the huge number of temptations coming our way! 


At Fitness Function we’re here to help you stay motivated, so here are some tips and ideas:


1.       Identify a number of exercises you can easily do at home, so that it’s not reliant on you getting to the gym or to classes.  A ‘home workout’ could include squats, push-ups and crunches.  Just ten minutes every other day can make a difference and you could even do them in front of the TV!


2.       Don’t be too ambitious with what you want to achieve over the festive period. Write down a realistic, achievable goal and focus on that.  Perhaps just one area of your body is to be your main target.  You will be much happier by achieving something small than failing at too big a task.


3.       Try and improve your time management skills over the holidays, as planning your day will help you prioritise your tasks and make time to exercise.  Try and fit in at least three exercise sessions a week, no matter how short the amount of time you can dedicate to it!


4.       Don’t treat exercise as if it’s mutually exclusive to all other activities you do.  Incorporate it with your daily life and it will be much easier to maintain.  For example:

·         Walk as much as you can and at a brisk pace wherever possible – the shopping centre, the school run, the post box (don’t pick the closest one to you!)

·         Multitask!  Do some squats whilst cleaning your teeth or waiting for the microwave to ping.  Workout whilst watching tv or chatting on the phone.

·         Add a heavy book to a rucksack to make any walking more challenging.

·         Take the stairs (where it’s feasible!) and walk up escalators.

·         Combine exercise with family time – play sport with the kids, take them for a walk, if it snows then lug them up and down hills on their sledge for a great calorie burner!


5.       Try not to be tied to your ‘typical’ fitness regime when your days get extra busy.  By being flexible you’ll achieve more. 


6.       Your confidence will show if you’re maintaining your exercise routine and are eating well, so keep in mind those Christmas social events (and the mistletoe!).